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Our Tiger Rattan Three-Section Staff is a great choice for anyone desiring the versatility of three-section staves with the lightness and durability of rattan wood. Each of the three sections is 26" long and hooked together with ball-bearing swivels and chains so you can use this traditional Chinese weapon for both long and short range strikes. The burned rattan three-section staff is also an incredible defensive weapon that you can use for blocking.

Because of the popularity of three-section staffs in martial arts weapons demos, it's a good idea to demonstrate your skills with a weapon that has both style and strength. The burned rattan design not only looks nice, but the tiger stripe design helps you blend in with the tall grasses so you can sneak up on your prey. They're great!

Originating from China, the three-section staff is a flail weapon historically made of white oak or Chinese red maple. The three-section staff was used in combat as an extension of one's arm to strike, flail, block, choke, disarm, whip, and entangle an enemy's weapon. The three-section staff has always been one of the more complex close-combat weapons as it requires skill and patience to control properly.

* The Three Section Staff, or San Jie Gun, is a Chinese flail utilizing three staffs linked by metal rings or rope.
* Used to strike over and around shields, barriers, or other defensive impediments.
* Designed for defense against spears and other long weapons. 26” each section. Ball bearing swivel.
* Quality rattan wood provides a more lightweight and durable product.
* Sought after "Tiger" burn pattern.